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PCB Mounted Power Magnetics


When Falco was first established our focus was to develop and manufacture PCB mounted magnetics which included high frequency transformers, gate-drive transformers, common mode chokes, and power factor correction chokes primarily for switched mode power supplies used in variety of applications for different industries. We have a wide selection of cores and bobbins readily available for high frequency transformers and when necessary we will design a bobbin and core for a specific customer application.

Not very mechanically different from high frequency transformers are the Gate-Drive transformers and Power Factor Correction (PFC) Chokes which can be designed in a toroid or core and bobbin combination. We design these magnetic components per UL60950, IEC 60950, and other related standards as requested by our customers.


PCB mounted power magnetics are used in many applications such as industrial controls, renewable energy, instrumentation, power distribution. More specifically: AC to DC Power Supplies and DC to AC Inverters.


Switched Mode Transformer

  • Topologies: Flyback, Forward converter, Push-Pull, Full Bridge, Half Bridge, LLC resonant, SEPIC, Isolated Buck.
  • Operating frequencies from 20 kHz to 1.0MHz
  • Power ratings from 0.5 W to 5 KW Plus

Common Mode Chokes

  • Designed with a variety of core geometries such as UU, UT, EE, and toroid
  • Frequency range from 1 kHz to 500 kHz
  • Current handling capability 0.065 – 140 Amps

Power Factor Correction

  • Designed using similar core and bobbins as is used with transformers
  • Rated current up to 25Arms

Gate Drive Transformers

  • Typically 3750 VRMS isolation between windings
  • Designed using toroids or EE cores

Flyback Transformer with a power rating of 175W.

Flyback Transformer with litz winding using square Fiducial Marks. (for optical control)

PFC Inductor, 0.350mH, 70Amps