Environmental Policy

Convinced that environmental protection, employee safety and health are an important aspect in all the company's activities, FALCO ELECTRONICS has established the following policy:


The policy of FALCO ELECTRONICS is to adhere and surpass all environmental, safety, and health requirements set forth by governmental authorities both state and federal. It is the policy of Falco to share any accomplishments and results in order to foster mutual cooperation among companies and neighbors in order to achieve our goal. Falco's organizational objectives will assure that:

  • There is a commitment to a continuous improvement of our environmental, health, and safety objectives.
  • We work to correct the conditions that adversely affect the health and safety of our workers, customers, suppliers, and our neighbors.
  • Our manufacturing process is secure, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.
  • We promote conservation practices in all business areas.
  • We are an environmentally responsible neighbor in the community in which we operate.
  • Support the development of technological solutions and methods to cure environmental problems.
  • Conduct audits to assure the adherence to this policy.

As a result of this commitment we have received a clean environment certificate from the Federal Environmental Agency. This certifies that we are an environmentally friendly company, complying with local and international standards, as well as good engineering practices.